Control Your Facebook Fully with Simple Tips

Within a short time span, Facebook has become an eminent part of our lives and more than 2 billion active users from all over the globe get connected using this social platform. People use this platform to stay connected with the international world, to interact with their family and friends, to express their opinions on a social issue, or to just brag about something personal. It has a major impact on our lives.

Here let’s check out what else is there other than usual!

    • See Who’s been Visiting Your Profile

Well, most of us remain curious about who has visited our profile page, but there is no clear option or notification on Facebook from where you can find out your virtual visitors. But now you can. Just go to your Facebook profile page and press combination of “ctrl” and “U”. That will open the source code of your page. Then press the combination of “ctrl” and “F”, and write “list” in the search box. This will show you the Facebook IDs of your friends who visited your profile. Open another tab, and paste that Facebook ID in the address bar, following and you’ll see who is it.

    • Stop Receiving Constant Status Updates

If you want to remain friends with someone, but don’t like to see all of his posts or every other status update, then you can stop receiving his/ her status updates. On the homepage of Facebook, where you see different posts, click on the drop-down menu and click on “Unfollow (page’s name)”. Same can be done with any page you’ve liked on Facebook.

    • Possibility of Hack

Numerous users daily register on Facebook. With that great number of users and hundreds of lucrative options, people want to know more and more about each other. There is an ever-increasing trend and urge in people to get into their spouse’s Facebook profile, or any friend’s using a Facebook hack. Else people also use a Facebook hack to know more about celebrities as well. In a nutshell, hacking of Facebook accounts is getting the trend.

    • Set Blank Facebook Status

Writing something on your status bar is definitely one of the topmost favorite things to do by most of Facebook users. Keeping in touch, expressing your personal view about something or just telling where are you and what are you doing at the particular time, has become the most fun thing to do on Facebook. But in case, if you want to put a blank status, without writing anything or tagging anyone, you can certainly do that. You can easily post a blank status by typing “@[0:0: ]” and click on the “post” button.

    • Turn Facebook Upside Down

Yes, it isn’t a joke, it’s certainly possible, and can easily be done by anyone. To do this go to the “General Account Settings”. There you’ll see “Language” option. Click “Edit”, and select “English US (Upside Down)” option. There you get, what you have wished for. Enjoy!

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